You don't have to brave the cold when your heat pump needs repair. Mako Mechanical, LLC is here to provide fast and reliable HVAC repair services to our clients in the New Brighton & Cranberry, PA area.

If your system is heating or cooling your home, don't hesitate-call the professionals immediately for heat pump repair and other HVAC repair services.

5 reasons to get regular heat pump maintenance

The best way to avoid a heat pump repair is with routine heat pump maintenance. Mako Mechanical provides a regular maintenance services to clients in New Brighton & Cranberry, PA.

Here's why you should get routine HVAC maintenance for your heat pump:

  1. Regular maintenance will give your heat pump a longer life.
  2. Regular maintenance can help increase the daily efficiency of the unit.
  3. Regular maintenance will help you catch anything that needs to be repaired before it becomes a major issue.
  4. Regular maintenance will ensure you'll need fewer repairs.
  5. All of these benefits save you money.

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